There are few things more damaging to an individual than being charged with a drug-related crime, which is why if you are facing drug possession charges in Red Bluff or anywhere in California, you must retain the services of a seasoned Tehama County drug crimes lawyer as soon as you can. 在定罪, you will face a wide array of penalties that will affect your life for years to come, 我们律所愿意尽一切可能保护你免受处罚. 联系 欧博平台注册 today to learn more about how our firm can combat your drug possession charges through every step of the legal process.


如果你在加州被控私藏毒品, whether you are facing simple possession charges or possession with the intent to sell, 你很有可能会面临牢狱之灾, 罚款, 还有犯罪记录. 一旦你有犯罪记录, 你将面临一长串的复杂问题, 包括找工作困难, 被禁止获得某些贷款或在某些地区居住, 和更多的. 而很明显, you cannot afford to proceed without the assistance of a knowledgeable California criminal defense lawyer who is equipped to defend you from the various potential pitfalls of obtaining a criminal record. 你刚刚找到了欧博平台注册的科恩律师.


  • 占有
  • 管有供出售
  • 分布
  • 运输
  • 销售
  • 制造业

简单管有控罪Vs. 占有并意图出售

在加州, there are two types of possession charges that you may face: simple possession charges and charges of possession with the intent to sell. Simple possession charges are when someone is caught with a relatively small amount of an illegal drug, and possession with the intent to sell is when law enforcement believes that an individual is planning on selling or distributing an illegal drug to others, 通常是在拥有大量药物的基础上. 大家可以想象, the penalties for possession with the intent to sell are even more damaging than simple possession charges, 通常被认为是重罪. 话虽如此, 不管你被指控的情况如何, 我们加州的刑事辩护律师来帮你.


The definition of drug distribution includes the illegal sale and transport of any of the drugs listed in the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. 持有并出售是一种相关犯罪. You can also get a distribution charge if the substances the police find in your possession are not listed on any of the schedules of the Controlled Substances Act but are ingredients used in the manufacture of methamphetamine or phencyclidine (PCP).

The law treats drug distribution as a more serious crime than simple possession because, 通过分发非法毒品, the defendant is increasing the risk that someone else will suffer the effects of drug abuse, 包括过量或成瘾. Prosecutors often try to play on jurors’ fears about dangerous drug dealers intentionally preying on vulnerable people. This is just another reason that you need a skilled defense lawyer to help you fight your drug distribution charges.


分销毒品是重罪,可判缓刑或监禁. The length of the prison sentence, if any, has to do with the circumstances of the crime. Drug distribution in a place where children are present or a place frequented by children gets even harsher punishments than other places. 例如, the sentence will be longer if the defendant manufactured or sold drugs near a school or playground. 同样的, whether or not you have previous convictions on your record affects the length of your sentence. The maximum sentence for distribution of precursor chemicals to methamphetamine or PCP is 16 months to six years in prison.


本质上, Proposition 47 made it so that individuals can no longer face felony penalties for the simple possession of controlled substances in the state of California. 2014年第47号提案通过后, individuals may now only face misdemeanor charges for the possession of various controlled substances. 这些罪行通常会被处以最高一年的监禁和罚款. 下列药物均被列为受管制物质:

  • 鸦片制剂及一切鸦片衍生物; i.e. 海洛因
  • 可卡因
  • 合成大麻
  • 迷幻剂, i.e. 蘑菇和LSD
  • 甲基安非他命
  • 若干处方药 i.e.氢可酮安定阿普唑仑


While the recreational use and sale of marijuana has been legalized in the state of California, 这只是在一定程度上正确. 例如,如果你被发现拥有超过28个.5 grams of marijuana, you may go to jail for up to six months and face a potential $500 fine. 此外,如果你未满18岁,而你被抓到28岁.5克或更少, you will face an infraction and you will have to participate in community service and a mandatory drug education course. 如果你被抓到携带8克或更多的浓缩大麻, 你很可能会面临500美元的罚款和最多一年的监禁. 最后, 如果你被抓到修炼, 或成长, 在加州种植了超过六种大麻, 你可能面临6个月的监禁和500美元的罚款.

你还应该注意, 然而, 如果你被抓到卖大麻, 你将面临额外的处罚. 它们如下:

  • 数额不限:这是轻罪, 这可能会导致6个月的监禁和500美元的罚款.
  • Selling marijuana as an 18 year old or older to anyone between the ages of 14-17: This is a felony charge that may warrant anywhere between three and five years in jail.
  • Selling marijuana as an 18 year old or older to anyone younger than 14: This is a felony that may warrant anywhere between three and seven years in jail.


幸运的是, with the assistance of a knowledgeable Tehama County drug crimes lawyer on your side, there are a wide variety of potential defenses we may use against your drug possession charges. 对持有毒品指控的一些最常见辩护如下:

  • The drugs did not belong to you and that they, in fact, belonged to another person
  • 这药是合法给你开的
  • 你是圈套的受害者
  • 逮捕警察进行了非法搜查和扣押
  • 这种物质不是非法药物
  • 毒品是藏在你身上或你的房子里的

当然, the defense strategy we undertake will depend primarily on the specific circumstances of your case, and the aforementioned defenses are just some of the most common defenses against drug possession charges. 不管你的情况如何,我们公司都愿意尽我们所能帮助你.


Attorney Cohen has handled thousands of drug crime cases throughout his 30 years of criminal law practice. 欧博平台注册, 欧博平台注册, understands both the charging decisions made by prosecutors and the defense strategies that can possibly be available in your specific case. 不要犯试图单干的错误. 联系 欧博平台注册今天安排你自由, 最初的, consultation with our firm so we can begin mounting the best defense possible on your behalf.